New Siso Picture

New Siso Picture

Company Background ( Dimiliki Oleh SDC Family Trading )

I as the director of SDC Family Resources do hope that with sufficient support from all quarters this company will grew and be a force to be reckoned with. And as our company tag-line – KePUASan Anda KePUASan Siso, I guarantee that every activity will be out of this world

As a SDC Family Resources of Siso De Clown a.k.a Mohd Adam Lee Abdullah , I have to face the obstacles of business. With a HONORARY DEGREE OF CLOWNOLOGIST from Houston clown school in Taxes ,U.S.A.the burning desire to succeed in this industry fuels the option of leading this relatively new company.

Armed and equipped with a 5-strong team members consisting of 38 well trained clown and 1 personnel, we do not focus only on clowning, we also are experts in all round entertainments from the extensive list that consumers can find.



SDC Family Trading

Siso De Clown a.k.a Mohd Adam Lee Abdullah in SDC Family Resources is the one-spot event management in Malaysia. As a spin-off our service in Siso De Clown a.k.a Mohd Adam Lee Abdullah, we are order to strengthen for all walks of fun, fantasy, adventures in the enchantment life like we say “ KePUASan Anda KePUASan Siso “ and also offers a wide variety event management & servifrom young to old around the world.





Siso De Clown Service

Team Building – All Skill

Telematch – All Place
Indoor,Outdoor,Dry Or Wet

Game List NEW

Gunny Back Race,Marble Picking,Water Sack Tunnel,Three legged Man,Fishing,Underwater Treasure Hunt,Balloons Galore,Floating Orange,Tube Rafting,Waiter Race,Fetch the Ball,4 x 4 Water Race,Tug of War,Egg Putting,Treasure Hunt,Hula Hoping,Shepherding,Wheel of Actions,Piggy Back Race,Gideon Knot,Musical Statue,Wheelbarrow Race,Caterpillar Walk,Balloon Stepping,Fill the Pail,Longest Line,Shoes Searching,Limbo Rock,Thread and Needle,Zombie,Ping-Ponging,Wrap the Mummy,Feeding a Friend,Pass the Bug,Egg Laying,Potato in the spoon,Balancing Art,Match Making,Blind Man's Bluff,Crab Crawl,Feeding Time,Apple eating,Loop Tunnel

Treasure Hunt – All Place


Camping – All Place

Event Organizer – All Events
Family Day,Road show,Grand Opening,Birthday Party,Theater,Outing / Trip,Malay Traditional Music

Canopy – All In
Table,Chair,Fan,Light,PA System,Karaoke System,Disco Lighting,Stage Lighting

Catering – Menu
Malay Food,Chinese Food,Indian Food,Western Food,Snack Time / Coffee Break,BBQ

Decoration – All Type
Balloon Art,Balloon Scallop,Color Scallop,Party Decoration,Annual Decoration,Stage Set-up,Sky Dancer,Confetti,Stick Confetti,Flower Arrangement,Fruit Arrangement

Window Display – All Type
New Product,Item Display,Wedding Planner(Start to End Planner),Decoration Bilik Pengantin,Decoration Hantaran,Decoration Pelamin,Bunga Telur,Buah Tangan ,Goodies Bag,Cenderahati

Fun Time – All Type
Clowning,Balloonist,Magician,Comedy Clown Show,Special Costume“SESUMPAH“,Party Item,Caricature Artist,Giant Balloon,Round Balloon,Balloon Sculpture,Sand Art,Glass Decoration,Window Art,Sun Catcher,Fun Tattoo,Cartoon Rubber Stamp,Inflatable,Pinata Game,Pop-Pop,Bubble-bubble,Fun Tons Balloon,Helium Cartoon Balloon,Helium Balloon

Extra Top-up – All Type
CottonCandy,Popcorn,Lollipop,Gummy,Chocolate,Candy,Fresh Soya Bean,Burger / Hot Dog / Roti John,Cucuk Bebola,Strawberry / Marshmallow Chocolate Coating,Fruit Stick

Soft & Hard Toys – All Size
Cartoon Toy,Animal Toy,Cartoon Toy Key Chain

Souvenir – All Type
T-shirt Printing,Bag Printing,Cap Printing,Key Chain Printing,Company Gift,Hamper,Trophy / Medal,Banner / Backdrop Printing



Clown History

Outsider is often slow to realize that clowns have a well-defined hierarchy and a subculture uniquely suited to their skills and personalities. While these classes are in no way ironclad and many clowns could fall into a limitless combination, one particular class tends to identify each clown-type.

Clowns come in all different sizes, shapes and colors.

There are four main types of clowns:

White Face, August, Hobo/Tramp, Character

The White Face Clown looks like what it sound like - A white Face, with lips, eyes and cheeks in contrasting colors. The White Face is usually the "Boss Clown". He is the leader and makes everyone laugh at him.

The August Clown has flesh face with white eyes and a border around the mouth with the white outlined with a black liner and the lower lip red. Some famous August Clowns include Polk A. Doddy! And Cookie

Hobo and Tramp has a black or brown beard, heavy eyebrows, white lips and eyes. He usually the sad clown, the one looking for a hand-out. Some famous Hobo Clown is Emmett Kelly and Freddie the Freeloader.

Character Clown can be any of the above. It's not the face that's important, it's the character. They can be a Nurse, A Doctor, and a Fireman. The Marx Brothers were Character Clowns.

It's interesting that the oldest and best known of the classes is often least considered among the professional and hobbyist. The Character Clown relies more on costuming, pantomime and sight gags, rather than make-up and speech, to achieve the goal of drawing the full emotional spectrum from the audience.

Siso De Clown a.k.a Mohd Adam Lee Abdullah

Siso De Clown adalah yang tersempoi dari lain-lain badut , ia Selalu dengan CERMIN MATA GERGASI dan HIDUNG MERAH...Satu-satunya Gaya Tersendiri dan ia selalu menbuat SILAPMATA yang kadang-kadang jadi dan kadang-kadang tak jadi lalu disambung dengan PERMAINAN kanak-kanak & dewasa.... Jika berjaya dalam Permainan ia akan diberi HADIAH dan lepas tu diajak menari " CHICKEN DANCE " adalah terbaikkkkkk , Selain Itu Siso De Clown Juga Menberi Belon Berputar-putar perbagai bentuk atas permintaan oleh kanak-kanak....Setakat ini HAMPIR 100 Jenis Belon Boleh Dihasilkan dengan perbagai-bagai jenis...Siso De Clown Selalu menhadiri Majilis Harijadi & Karnival....KINI ia pun telah Masuk ke Pasaran Baru iaitu Majilis Perkhawinan Dan Serta Menhias Pelamin Juga Meja Makan Beradap....Siso De Clown Untuk Anda Dengan Slogan " kePUASan anda kePUASan Siso "....Nantikan Siso De Clown Ditempat Anda....




Uncle Siso De Clown 

Buffet Ramadhan Pakej

UP To 49% Discounts On Ramadhan

( 5 Mei - 3 Jun 2019)

P1* Promotions RM 200 (BBR) 
                               RM 300 (BAR)

🎈Code (P1) 1 Hour - RM 388*

Clown With Unlimited Balloon Sculpture

Host Cake Cutting With Music

Host Party Game Or Comedy Dance Show

P2* Promotion RM 300 (BBR) 
                            RM 400 (BAR)

🎈Code (P2) 2 Hour - RM 588*

Clown With Unlimited Balloon Sculpture

Host Cake Cutting With Music

Host Party Game Or Fun Mini Tattoo

Comedy Dance Show

P3* Promotion RM 400 (BBR)
                            RM 550 (BAR)

🎈Code (P3) 3 Hour - RM 788*

Clown With Unlimited Balloon Sculpture

Host Cake Cutting With Music

Host Party Game With Gift Or Fun Mini Tatto

Comedy Dance Show

30 Nos Mini Bubble Play

Mini Pa System With Kids Music

  Price Booking BEFORE Ramadhan

  Price Booking AFTER Ramadhan

Lock Your Slot NOW..

*T&C Apply

-Full Payment On Booking

-1 Slot Per Day On First Come First Serve

-Whatsapp Booking 

01156881889 - 01120876543

SDC Siso De Clown

SDC Siso De Clown

Siso De Clown With A Degree from Houston Clown School in Taxes

Siso De Clown With A Degree from Houston Clown School in Taxes

Sekolah Siso De Clown Belajar Jadi PELAWAK BADUT

Sekolah Siso De Clown Belajar Jadi PELAWAK BADUT

SDC Fun Time

SDC Fun Time

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